Ways to Display and Chart Your Family Tree

A family tree is a tree that shows the relationship of kin. It can also be seen as a figurative tree that includes relationships between different families, clans, communities, and ethnic groups. The family tree is a diagram, a picture of the ancestry. It shows how families are related to each other and form a group. By connecting each person to their ancestors, the ancestor’s descendants, and the descendants of those descendants, the family tree traces the ancestry of a family and demonstrates how a person is related to other people. Various sites like Genealogy Bank ( and others containing historical information such as archives, obituaries, etc., could prove useful in this endeavour!

To Construct a Family Tree Chart, You Need Three Things:

  • First of all, you need to know your immediate family history.
  • Next, you need to know your relatives who lived before you.
  • Finally, you need to know or at least be able to research, who the relatives were that lived even further back, before your immediate relatives.

Here are Ways to Display and Chart Your Family Tree:

  • Matrix

The matrix allows you to display multiple ancestors in one view. Matrix is a method of charting where you have horizontal categories and vertical categories. The horizontal categories are individuals (i.e., father, mother, brother, sister, etc.). The vertical categories are a generation (i.e., father’s father, mother’s father, etc.).

  • Chart

This involves you displaying the family tree in a tree structure. For simple charts, use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. For complicated charts, use PowerPoint or Google Slides.

  • Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker is software for recording your ancestry and creating a family tree. You can print and share a picture of your family tree with relatives. For starting, you are editing and sharing a family tree online. It can help anyone create an accurate, beautiful family tree in minutes. Family Tree Maker is available free for Windows and Mac.

  • Family Historian

Family Historian is a free genealogy software program that allows you to do genealogy research, record your family history, create a family tree, find ancestors, and much more. Family Historian is a powerful genealogy software solution that gives the user the ability to conduct research, manage historical records, and generate reports. The software will also organize, track, and record family history information

  • MyHeritage

It is easy to use, has a lot of features, and is free. MyHeritage offers 6 free family tree charts, 14 paid charts, and 6 family tree reports. You can publish or print the charts for free with one click, but you will need to order prints, videos, or CDs for any reports.


It is straightforward to use, has plenty of features, but is not free. Millions of family trees charting their family history are being created by

  • AncestryDNA

It is simple to use, has many features, and is moderately priced. AncestryDNA is a powerful tool for discovering more about your genealogy. It is also a useful tool for exploring your ethnic mix. But, in the meantime, it has provided my family with a new way to use technology to connect with each other. There are many ways to display and chart your family tree. AncestryDNA is just one of them. AncestryDNA wants to help you learn about other relatives, even if you may not know them.

As you can see, there are a multitude of great online websites where you can create your family tree. Once you have researched all of your relatives’ names, date of birth and death, and place of birth, you can go online and create your own family tree.

Tree charts are one of the best way to view your family’s history. You begin with yourself and work your way back to your ancestors, who, in turn, worked their way through many generations.

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