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Storage Units You Can Drive Up to or Into 

Storage units do not just store items that would otherwise be inside our house, they can also accommodate a second vehicle. Also, there are drive up storage units that will mean you can get right up to your self-storage unit to drop off heavy and awkward items that you would not want to carry for too far a distance.

Drive-up Storage Units

Sizeable items of furniture are not something that you will want to carry too far to your self-storage unit. You do not have to, though, when there are units that you can take your vehicle up close to when it comes to unloading. It is also more discreet when it comes to what items you are putting into your storage unit. If you want to avoid prying eyes for security’s sake, then consider this type of unit, which you can find by taking the help of EZstorit (ezstorit.com)–they can help locate the most affordable and accessible options near you.

On The Level

Drive-in self-storage units will normally be at ground level, allowing for a car to be driven straight into the unit. This makes it easy to retrieve the car whenever it is needed. Second cars will be a potential option for holiday trips and to make more of at certain times of the year when the weather is better suited to them. You can also discover a range of portable buildings that can serve as storage units for your car.

Any vehicle that is driven, so a car or a truck, depending on the size of your unit can be stored in another location than your garage at home.

Personal or Business Use

Householders and businesses will make use of a drive-in storage unit that is big enough to house a vehicle. As households end up with more children, who then become working age, more vehicles will be filling the garages or driveways at home. Hence, more parking spaces or driveways would be required to be constructed with the help of builders like Sangwin (they are known to be reputed tarmac contractors Yorkshire).

However, there might be a handful of people who might not want to opt for the option of construction. Such people should know that it is not good to have them on the road, so they can instead be kept at local storage units and so easily retrievable. You may even find a self-storage unit within walking distance. If not, you could give each other lifts to the self-storage unit on the way to work or someone else when it is in the same direction.

Businesses will have fleets of vehicles and premises cannot always be big enough to take care of all the vehicles. Certainly not to put them under lock and key. This is where Storage Post Self Storage unit and similar ones like it can prove more cost-effective than buying a bigger building for work premises. An alternative option might be that staff members take cars home where possible. It depends on how tight a business wants its security in terms of its valuable assets. A self-storage unit can offer similar security to work premises.

High Value or Vintage Vehicles

More often than not drive-in, self-storage units are not climate controlled, but they can be in some cases, where you are willing to pay the extra. This will provide greater protection for vehicles stored for longer and where more luxury and vintage vehicles are stored. A vintage or classic vehicle will require more TLC in terms of its storage, how it looks, and in keeping it running. Maintaining its value will be very much about providing an environment where it can remain in a saleable condition.

You have more chance of just driving a vehicle straight out of a drive-in unit when the conditions are exactly right for it. However, you can always visit regularly to check on it. Start it often to keep its battery charged and move it back and forth slightly to keep everything working mechanically.

It is good to know that a range of storage units are available to rent for different purposes. There is an added value for money in a self-storage unit that will allow us to bring our vehicle as close as possible to it to unload. Also, in one that will even allow you to store your vehicle inside. This is whether it is a car or truck. Any vehicle that will fit.

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