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How to Choose the Right Boxes and Containers for a Storage Unit

If you own a lot of possessions but do not have enough room in your property to keep them all, then a storage unit could be just what you need.

Thanks to the surprising affordability of Seattle self storage prices and similar rates in other cities, more and more people are learning about the perks of self-storage.

With that being said, choosing the right boxes and containers for a storage unit can be an overwhelming task at first. There are so many fantastic options out there that finding the best storage solutions for your needs can seem impossible.

However, by taking the size of your self storage unit into account, as well as the shapes and quantities of the items that you want to store, it is possible to maximise your space and get the best value for money from your storage solution. One way to maximise storage is by building recessed shelf. However, if it’s not reachable on a daily basis, you may have to make use of a ladder (like those seen at www.platformsandladders.com/rolling-ladders/) to get around and take the things you need.

So, let us discover some of the most popular boxes and containers that you can invest in to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Cardboard Boxes

Whether you are moving house, or just need somewhere to keep your belongings that is not inside your property, there is a good chance that you will need some cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes are light, cheap, and easy to assemble. Once no longer needed they can be squashed down and recycled.

There are some disadvantages, however. Cardboard is notoriously susceptible to heat and humidity and does not offer much protection from insects or rodents.

Of course, if your items are being stored in a secure and temperature controlled self-storage facility, cardboard should be sufficient, but it is important to take these factors into account when making your decision. Having said that, storing your belongings shouldn’t be complicated, which is why you should make use of professional storage facilities like fountain lakes storage or those closest to you. No matter if you’re moving or renovating, running a small business, downsizing, or need to store items for the long term, using storage facilities can be beneficial. You might also find a few moving and storage services that can allow you to pack, move, and store your possessions seamlessly and safely without putting in much effort. Services like these (go to website for more information about hassle-free storage) can handle the packing, storing, and delivery of your possessions, so that you might not have to worry much about your move.

Plastic Containers

Storing your items in clear plastic boxes is the best way to find what you need in a hurry. Looking through all of your boxes to find what you need can be incredibly time consuming, especially when you are unable to find what you need first time around.

Translucent boxes are ideal for storage units as you can see instantly what has been stored in each container. Plastic containers are also easy to stack so that you can make the most of every last inch of your unit.

One of the biggest advantages of plastic containers however is the additional layer of protection that they offer against moisture, heat, and common pests. Although cardboard boxes can be sealed with packing tape, this does not compare to the level of security provided by a sealed plastic lid.

Moreover, if you need to store your items for a long period of time, or if you are someone who frequently takes items in and out of storage, then plastic containers are usually more cost-effective than their cardboard counterparts as they are less likely to deteriorate or become damaged.

Specialty Boxes

If your belongings are highly fragile, or if your items are expensive to replace, then it is well worth investing in some specially designed boxes to keep your things as safe as possible.

Antique crockery can be stored in unique packing boxes with slots to protect each individual item, and valuable electronics like flat screen televisions can be placed into reinforced boxes that are padded for extra protection.

Accordingly, if your items are difficult to pack using standard boxes and containers, then a specialty box is just what you need to keep your items from moving around or shifting in storage.

Specialty boxes can comprise of cardboard or plastic depending on the item you wish to store as well as your budget so do not be afraid to shop around to find the right containers for your needs.

Ultimately, keeping your belongings in boxes is the best way to protect them between each use.

When choosing the right box for your needs, remember to take into consideration the type of item you want to store, how big the items are, their weight, and of course, how often you need to transport and access your belongings.

Above all, your boxes need to be strong, and they also need to protect your belongings from damage in as many ways as possible.

Which boxes do you think would be best to use in a storage unit?

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